The Eighth International 3D-stereo Film Festival 2017

The First International 3D-stereo Film Festival 2010

The First Russian 3D-stereo Film Festival was held in "SALUT" Cinema and Museum of Cosmonautics in 9-12 December 2010.

3D Festival assembled many interesting 3D films from Russia and over the world. All 3D producers, studios and professionals could take part in this bright event.

3D festival 2010 appears with support of Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation and Union of cinematographers of the Russian Federation. The main goal of the 3D Festival is development and distribution of the digital and 3D-stereo technologies in Russia.

Contest of the Festival:

  • Live action films
  • Documentary films
  • Experimental films
  • Animation
  • Educational films

Very old 3D film “Robinson Crusoe” was shown in the 3D festival. This 3D film was produced in the USSR in 1947.

Festival 2010 winners

1. "Amazing Russia. Veliky Novgorod" from 1HDTV

First prize from general partner of 3D Festival "Pro video Systems".

2. "One" from ARTkino

Prize from organizing committee.

3. "Walks on Rostov-on-Don" by Igor Daurov

Prize from organizing committee.

4. "Without us" from "Soulpro"

Diploma and prize from organizing committee.

5. "Belka & Strelka - Star Dogs" from CNF-Anima

Diploma for animation and prize from organizing committee.

6. St. Petersburg State University of Cinema and Television, Department of Animation and Computer Graphics

Diploma and prize from organizing committee for several stereo films.